Time Travelers Edit

Wizards Edit

Magnus Edit

From Norway. Participated in the fight against Merlin

Magnus Edit

From Norway . Participated in the fight against Merlin. He was tasked with performing a census on the wizarding community.

David Edit

From Russia. Participated in the fight against Merlin

Felix Edit

Participated in the fight against Merlin. One of the few wizards with a smart phone or "pocket computer". He helped Gwen and Jeff teleport all the wizards to Phillips shop during the Battle of the Orcs.

Sergio Edit

From Italy Participated in the fight against Merlin

Magicians Edit

Sid and Gilbert Edit

Magicians from the late 1800s who have history with Martin's future. They perform actual magic tricks without using real magic via the repository file. They go into the future and steal tricks from famous magicians.

Sorceresses Edit

Ida Edit

Former President of Atlantis

Louiza Edit

Current President of Atlantis and primary physician. Louiza plays a large role in Fight And Flight, book 4 in the series.

Non Magical Characters Edit

Medieval Europe Edit

Pete Edit

The bartender at the Inn The Rotten Stump. Pete attempted to use Martin's "see through cloth" (cling film) as a pot lid and it melted. He also made a vest out of the "see through cloth"

Gert Edit

Previously known as "Big Gert" and "The Thing". A patron of The Rotten Stump who gets free food and drink for life by demonstrating her ability to break things.

Sam Edit

Resident of Rickard's Bend who was turned into a hobbit by Jimmy.

Bishop Galbraith Edit

The Bishop of Leadchurch and a very good friend of Phillip's.

Atlantis Edit

Ampyx Edit

One of the servants of Atlantis whose goal was to become Gwen's personal sex slave. After learning that Martin and Gwen at a thing, he started behaving like Martin. He did a bad job of it.

Nik Edit

Nik is Brit the youngers house servant. Phillip is very fond of him. Nik is also homosexual.

Modern Time Edit

Walter and Margerita Banks Edit

Martin's Parents who live in Seattle WA.